Format phone numbers in text

This page describes how to format phone numbers in technical documentation.

Format phone numbers in HTML or Markdown

To ensure that a phone number is displayed on the same line, use a nonbreaking space ( ) and nonbreaking hyphen (‑) where appropriate in HTML or Markdown.


(415) 555‑0132


(415) 555‑0132


(415) 555‑0132

Format example phone numbers

Most phone numbers in our documentation are examples. To show an example phone number, use a US number in the range (800) 555‑0100 through (800) 555‑0199. That range is reserved for use in examples and in fiction.

Recommended: (800) 555‑0175

Never use a real phone number in examples.

Format North American phone numbers

To format a real phone number in the US, Canada, and other NANP (North American Numbering Plan) countries, enclose the area code in parentheses, and then hyphenate the three-digit exchange code with the four-digit number.

Recommended: (415) 555‑0132

Format international phone numbers

To format a real phone number in non-NANP countries, include the country and area codes. Insert a plus sign immediately before the country code (no space); the plus sign stands in for a prefix known as an exit code, which lets you dial out of a country. Each country has a different exit code.

For more information, see the ITU document about standardized formatting for phone numbers.

Recommended: +1 (415) 555‑0132

Format phone numbers that include an extension

To specify a phone extension, follow the phone number with the word extension, and then specify the extension number.

Recommended: (415) 555‑0132, extension 987