Quality checklist

Before submitting your feed file, verify each item in the following checklist:

Item Verified
The feed includes all content from your catalog.
All entities in the feed have a unique ID (@id).
All entities in the feed have a unique URL (url).
All entities in the feed have a unique deep link (urlTemplate).
All supported entity types (e.g Movie, TVEpisode) are included in the feed.
@id, url, and urlTemplate use the same domain in the feed.
All URLs (url) provided in the feed are canonical.
All deep links (urlTemplate) and URLs (url) provided in the feed are production URLs (that is, not QA or DEV URLs).
All deep links open the correct content on the applications of the platform they target.
All TVEpisode entities have corresponding TVSeries entities in the feed.
The category property of a TVSeries is set to the least restrictive access requirement of its content. For instance, if a TVSeries has a number of TVEpisode content that are nologinrequired and a few that are subscription, set this TVSeries to be nologinrequired.
The feed does not contain stale entities; that is, entities with availabilityEndDate set in the past or entities that are no longer available on your app or platform.
The feed includes deep links (urlTemplate) to all supported platforms (Web, iOS, Android, AndroidTV, and ChromeCast).
For Movie and TVEpisode, content must autoplay on all platforms.
For TVSeries and TVSeason, content must autoplay on Chromecast and Android TV. On other platforms, playback needs to be within one click (however, we recommend autoplay).
For Listen Actions, content must autoplay on all platforms. However, on iOS, playback can be within one click.
If content requires users to log in, the content must autoplay on all platforms immediately after login.
On mobile platforms (Android and iOS), if a user initiates content, but your app isn't installed on the user’s device, the user is directed to the App Store or Play Store and is prompted to install the app.
Your feed is updated regularly; that is the content in your feed is not static and is updated periodically with fresh data.