Horacio Gonzalez

Horacio Gonzalez

Web Technologies, Identity, Flutter

Brest, France


  • Web Technologies
  • Identity
  • Flutter


Spaniard lost in Brittany, unconformist coder, web components fan, dreamer and all-around geek

Software Engineer by day, leader of the FinistJUG, GDG Finistère and BreizhBeans communities by night, Horacio fell into Java and web programming and in 1997, and he has never left them.

Horacio works at Cityzen Data, a start-up providing provides a scalable, secure, ethical and open platform for sensor data: warp10.io He is the co-founder and leader of the FinistJUG and GDG Finistère (the French GDG the nearest to Mountain View!). Recently he as also created BreizhBeans, an open-source developer community in the far corner of Brittany.

Web component fan, Horacio has spoken about Polymer, web components and modern web development at lots of conferences, meet-ups and user groups, striving to accelerate the adoption of modern web technologies and good practices.