Check upgrade eligibility

Before creating a Performance Max campaign, check if your existing campaigns have an upgrade route directly to Performance Max.

Here are some advantages of taking this approach:

  • The Performance Max campaign will be configured to the specific use case of the existing campaign, but also ready to take advantage of new channels and networks
  • It helps you map your old campaign configuration to features available in Performance Max, so you can retain your advertising goals as you upgrade
  • In some cases, there are tools and guidance to assist you in making the upgrade
  • In some cases, you can A/B test the performance of both campaigns by splitting traffic rather than running two campaigns that could target the same opportunity

Campaign types eligible for upgrade

The following compatibility table outlines which campaign types are eligible to upgrade to Performance Max and the upgrade options available using the Google Ads API.

Campaign type UI API Upgrade type Launch status Launch eligibility Additional criteria Notes
Smart Shopping campaigns Fully-automated Launched Global
Local campaigns Fully-automated Launched Global
Vehicle campaigns Fully-automated Beta US, CA, AU See vehicle inventory changes required in Performance Max

Retail campaigns

Campaigns that use a product feed are compatible with Performance Max for online sales with a product feed. To upgrade specific types of retail campaigns see the following.

Smart Shopping campaigns and local campaigns

Smart Shopping & local campaigns were automatically upgraded to Performance Max beginning in 2022.

If you were previously using Smart Shopping & local campaigns, you can find the same features and more in Performance Max for retail.

Vehicle campaigns

Campaigns that use vehicle inventory can use Performance Max similarly to those with product feeds (See Performance Max for online sales with a product feed). To upgrade vehicle listing campaigns see the following.

Vehicle listing campaigns

Vehicle listing campaigns were automatically upgraded to Performance Max beginning in 2023.

Previously vehicle campaigns used ShoppingSetting.use_vehicle_inventory to configure vehicle inventory. For Performance Max, you should use Campaign.listing_type set to VEHICLES when creating campaigns using vehicle inventory.