BatchAvailabilitylookup 方法

发出 BatchAvailabilityLookup 后,合作伙伴预订服务器会验证请求的预约空档是否有效且可用。“通过 Google 预订”可以使用此功能来确保在预订流程中仅向用户显示当前空档。






message BatchAvailabilityLookupRequest {
  // ID of the merchant.
  string merchant_id = 1;

  // Multiple slot times to be checked for availability. All queried times apply
  // to the same merchant_id and service_id.
  repeated SlotTime slot_time = 3;

  reserved 2;

// Response for the []
// RPC with the availabilities of the appointment slots.
message BatchAvailabilityLookupResponse {
  // The availabilities for the requested SlotTime entries. There must be
  // exactly one slot_time_availability for each SlotTime entry in the
  // [].
  repeated SlotTimeAvailability slot_time_availability = 1;

请求中的 SlotTime

// Identifies a Slot service_id and start time and optionally, the Slot duration
// and resources, for a specific merchant. Note that this differs from the
// definition of Slot, as it does not include merchant_id identifier.
message SlotTime {
  // ID of the service. (required)
  string service_id = 5;

  // Start time of the appointment slot in seconds of UTC time since Unix epoch
  // (required)
  int64 start_sec = 1;

  // Duration of the appointment slot in seconds (optional)
  int64 duration_sec = 2;

  // Opaque tag that identifies the availability slot and matches the value
  // provided in the availability feed (optional)
  string availability_tag = 3;

  // The set of resources that specifies the appointment slot, e.g. by
  // indicating the staff member and room selected by the user, or party size
  // for dining slots (optional)
  ResourceIds resource_ids = 4;

  // Indicates whether bookings of this slot will be confirmed
  // synchronously or asynchronously. (optional)
  // An UNSPECIFIED value will be interpreted as synchronous.
  ConfirmationMode confirmation_mode = 6;

响应中的 SlotTimeAvailability

如果找不到任何槽,只需返回空响应。不返回 400 错误。

message SlotTimeAvailability {
  // The SlotTime for which availability was checked.
  SlotTime slot_time = 1;

  // Whether the requested SlotTime is available
  bool available = 2;