Availability feed

AvailabilityFeed Definition

message AvailabilityFeed {
  repeated Schedule data = 1;

Schedule Definition

// Info about a schedule, which is a container for available slots that can be
// booked using an appointment. A schedule ID should be unique and stable for a
// given practitioner, facility, service type, and appointment type.
// (practitioner and appointment type are optional to identify a schedule) A
// AvailabilityFeed should be a list of this message.
message Schedule {
  // An opaque string from the partner to identify a practitioner. (required
  // only if booking by specific practitioner)
  string practitioner_id = 1;
  // An opaque string from the partner to identify a facility. (required)
  string facility_id = 2;
  // This field is deprecated and will not be considered.
  string service_type_id = 3 [deprecated = true];
  // An opaque string to identify an appointment type. (required)
  string appointment_type_id = 4;

  // Ordering priority of appointment_types to display in Google Search/Map UI
  // for a practitioner/facility. Appointment_types with smaller priority number
  // will be displayed before the one with larger priority number. In the
  // compact UI block (E.g. only three appointment_types can be displayed),
  // appointment_types with lower priority might be hidden. The priority number
  // should be unique among the (practitioner_id, facility_id,
  // appointment_type_id) combination. And, they do not need to be a contiguous
  // integer sequence. If priority is not provided or not unique among a
  // (practitioner_id, facility_id, appointment_type_id) combination,
  // appointment_types will be displayed in the same order as the list of
  // schedules. (optional)
  int32 priority = 5;

  // All Availability Slots included in this schedule (required)
  repeated AvailableSlots available_slots = 6;

  // An action URL representing the deep link to this schedule. It will redirect
  // users to a booking webpage with the practitioner, facility, service_type,
  // and appointment_type preselected. (optional)
  ActionLink per_schedule_action_link = 7;

  // Both of these fields are deprecated and should not be used. They will be
  // ignored if set.
  int64 start_timestamp_restrict = 8 [deprecated = true];
  int64 end_timestamp_restrict = 9 [deprecated = true];
// An action URL with associated language, list of countries restricted to, and
// optional platform that indicates which platform this action should be
// performed on.
message ActionLink {
  // The entry point URL for this action link. (required)
  string url = 1;

  // The BCP-47 language tag identifying the language in which the content
  // from this URI is available. (optional)
  string language = 2;

  // An unordered list of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes. Leave empty for
  // unrestricted visibility. (optional)
  repeated string restricted_country = 3;

  // Available dates for the action. Assumed to be in the practitioner's
  // timezone. (not needed if availability feeds are provided)
  // Reference for google.type.Date:
  // https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/blob/master/google/type/date.proto
  repeated google.type.Date available_date = 4 [deprecated = true];

AvailableSlots Definition

// This proto can be used to show a slot for a single visit or number of
// available slot on a specific date. A slot for a single visit (30 minutes):
//   {start_sec: xx, duration_sec: 1800, spots_total: 1, spots_open: 1}
// number of available slot on a specific date:
//   {start_sec: xx, duration_sec: 86400, spots_total: 7, spots_open: 10}
message AvailableSlots {
  // Start time of this availability, using epoch time in seconds in UTC.
  // (required)
  int64 start_sec = 1;
  // Duration of the service in seconds, e.g. 30 minutes would be 1800.
  // (required)
  int64 duration_sec = 2;
  // Number of total spots and open spots of this availability. Typically, 1.
  // (both required)
  int64 spots_total = 3;
  int64 spots_open = 4;

  // This field is deprecated and will not be considered.
  Recurrence recurrence = 5 [deprecated = true];

  // This field is deprecated and will not be considered.
  repeated ScheduleException schedule_exception = 6 [deprecated = true];

  // Availability scheduling rules. (optional)
  SchedulingRuleOverrides scheduling_rule_overrides = 7;