Nearest Roads

The Roads API takes up to 100 independent coordinates, and returns the closest road segment for each point. The points passed do not need to be part of a continuous path.

If you are working with sequential GPS points, use Snap to Roads.


A request to nearest roads must be sent via HTTPS, and takes the following form:

Required parameters

  • points

    The points to be snapped. The points parameter accepts a list of latitude/longitude pairs. Separate latitude and longitude values with commas. Separate coordinates with the pipe character: "|". For example: points=60.170880,24.942795|60.170879,24.942796|60.170877,24.942796.


The following request returns a set of road segments based on the specified list of coordinates.



curl -L -X GET ''


For each valid request, the Roads API will return a response in the format indicated within the request URL.

          { "latitude": 60.170878428876755, "longitude": 24.94269540970182 },
        "originalIndex": 0,
        "placeId": "ChIJfVFHrM0LkkYRBzUQos_jR5w",
          { "latitude": 60.17087741412199, "longitude": 24.942695474405202 },
        "originalIndex": 1,
        "placeId": "ChIJfVFHrM0LkkYRBzUQos_jR5w",
          { "latitude": 60.170875416131736, "longitude": 24.942695601802203 },
        "originalIndex": 2,
        "placeId": "ChIJfVFHrM0LkkYRBzUQos_jR5w",

The response uses the following schema.


optional Array<SnappedPoint>

An array of snapped points. Sometimes containing several snapped points for the same point with differing placeId or location.

See SnappedPoint for more information.


requiredLatitudeLongitudeLiteral See LatitudeLongitudeLiteral for more information.

A unique identifier for a place. All place IDs returned by the Roads API correspond to road segments.


An integer that indicates the corresponding value in the original request. Each value in the request should map to a snapped value in the response. However, if you've set interpolate=true or if you're using nearest roads, then it's possible that the response will contain more coordinates than the request. Interpolated values will not have an originalIndex. These values are indexed from 0, so a point with an originalIndex of 4 will be the snapped value of the 5th latitude/longitude passed to the path parameter. Nearest Roads points may contain several points for single coordinates with differing location or placeId.


An object describing a specific location with Latitude and Longitude in decimal degrees.


Latitude in decimal degrees


Longitude in decimal degrees