CameraStateData Represents a camera state. 
ConsumerComposeViewModel View model that represents state for Consumer Compose composable. 
ConsumerMarkerData Represents a marker. 
ConsumerMarkerListData Represents a group of markers. 
ConsumerMarkerOptions Representation of customizable inputs for a marker on the map. 
ConsumerMarkerOptions.Builder Builds ConsumerMarkerOptions instance. 
ConsumerPolylineData Represents a polyline. 
ConsumerPolylineOptions Representation of customizable style inputs for a non-traffic polyline on the map. 
ConsumerPolylineOptions.Builder Builds ConsumerPolylineOptions instance. 
ConsumerPolylineTrafficStyle Representation of customizable style inputs for a traffic polyline on the map. 
ConsumerPolylineTrafficStyle.Builder Builds ConsumerPolylineTrafficStyle instance.