Google Maps Platform Customer Care

Simplify and streamline your support experience with Google Maps Platform Customer Care, scalable and flexible services built with your business needs at the center. Choose the service that’s right for your organization.

The Maps Platform Customer Care Portfolio

Standard Support is included for all Google Maps Platform customers, and provides access to documentation, Active Assist Recommendations, community support, and Google Maps Platform Billing and Technical Support.

Features and Services

Standard Support

Recommended for non-business-critical workloads or workloads under development. Kickstart your Google Cloud journey with unlimited access to technical support. Troubleshoot, test, and explore.

Enhanced Support

Designed for workloads in production, with fast response times and additional services to optimize your experience with high-quality, robust support.

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Pricing Included $500/month + 3% of monthly Google Maps Platform charges.
Initial response times P1 cases: 1 hour on weekdays

P1 cases: 1 hour

P2 cases: 4 hours

Service Times 24/5 response, excluding regional holidays 24/7 response for high- and critical-impact issues
Case creation Console (email, chat) Console (email, chat)
Case resolution Email Email. By request: voice or video conference, and live group chat space. Collaborate with selected specialists for your case and include your team in collaboration channels.
Technical Support Escalations
Assistance with a map data quality issue
Incident Reports by request

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