Get started

You can integrate Google Meet Live Sharing SDK into your Android app using Java.

You can find Android documentation and additional Android libraries to expand the features of your app through the official Android Developers Documentation.

Use the SDK

To use the Meet Live Sharing SDK, call the AddonClientFactory.getClient method. This returns an AddonClient that serves as the entry point for the co-activities.


public ListenableFuture<AddonSession> initialSetup() {
  AddonClient meetClient = AddonClientFactory.getClient();
  return meetClient;

Get the Co-Doing and Co-Watching clients

To use the client, call the newSessionBuilder method from the AddonClient to return a builder for a new AddonSession. To begin a session, add the withCoDoing method, the withCoWatching method, or both onto the builder.

For more information on how to start a co-watching or a co-doing activity, see these guides:

The Co-Watching API and Co-Doing API are independent and can be used in parallel with each other. You can also start an add-on session without using the Co-Doing client or a Co-Watching client.

Manage the collaboration starting state

When an add-on is first opened, it loads a state that might be different from the starting state that the add-on wants to use when users are joining using the collaboration invite. The AddonSession.Builder uses the withCollaborationStartingState method to specify the CollaborationStartingState that should be loaded when users join the collaboration session.

You can reset or update the CollaborationStartingState field with the following methods:

  • Use the AddonSession.resetCollaborationStartingState method to reset the starting state of the add-on. This will clear the starting state previously received by other participants. The starting state can only be reset by the initiator.

  • Use the AddonSession.updateCollaborationStartingState method to update the starting state of the add-on. Other participants receive this when they accept the invitation to collaborate. The starting state can only be updated by the initiator.

To handle the callbacks from the add-on for the session, implement the AddonSessionHandler. Callbacks allow add-on developers to react to events from the Meet app. For the CollaborationStartingState, use the onCollaborationStartingStateUpdate() method to receive the latest collaboration starting state of the add-on session.