Merchants can use the Omnichannel API to request and accept payments from customers through Google Pay by requesting a single identifier (like a phone number) in their purchase flow. This API provides a server-side interface for merchants to initiate a payment call to Google and complete the payment process for a purchase, making it compatible with various platforms.

Requesting and accepting payments from your customers using the Omnichannel API generally involves the following steps:

  • Merchants pre-populate the user's phone numbers (or ask for input) on their app or website.
  • Once the user confirms the populated information, the merchant makes a server call to request payment
  • The Google Pay app directs the user to complete the payment.
  • The merchant verifies the payment status with their PSP before proceeding to confirm the purchase. The merchant can also poll on the transaction status from Google to confirm the status.

    Omnichannel API payment flow