The Spot Platform allows you to setup your Spot on Google Pay - a digital storefront that you can create, brand and host however you choose. It is discoverable both online as well as through a physical spot. Users can easily share a Spot on their favorite messaging app or find it on Google Pay.

The Spot Platform is only available to businesses in India and Singapore as part of an early access program.

A relevant Spot is surfaced to the user when they need it, directly on the home screen. This means that someone’s favourite restaurant Spot might show up around lunch time, or the cab booking Spot might show up before your morning commute.
The Spot Platform uniquely connects the online to the physical world. Businesses with a physical presence can place a "Spot Code" at specific locations. Customers can scan this Spot Code or tap (for NFC enabled phones) on this "Spot" to go straight into the business’s Spot. This works because Spot codes are a combination of a custom visual code and an NFC tag.
A Spot is built using HTML & JavaScript so existing investments into mobile websites or PWAs can be easily transformed into a Spot by adding a few lines of JavaScript. This makes it possible to have a truly scalable solution while keeping the digital experience consistent.
We understand that discovery is where it starts, but building deep connections is what matters the most - a connection that doesn’t just end with a payment, but extends to effective post sale engagement. The Spot Platform helps merchants own this relationship by providing a conversational framework, so that order updates, offers, and recommendations can easily be surfaced to the customer. This is powered by our Order API which is specialised to surface updates and relevant actions for users' purchases, and the Messaging API which can surface relevant messages post checkout to the user.
The Spot Platform provides API’s for user interactions like identity and payment management that utilise user and partner feedback and learnings from the last two years of developing Google Pay India (Tez). They provide frictionless UX for key actions like sign in, payments and sharing. This makes the development process faster, and helps reduce customer dropoff at these critical moments, leading to higher conversion.
As with any Google product, privacy and security are core to the Spot Platform. No device permissions or data provided by the user to Google Pay is passed on without explicit user consent to the merchant Spot. Users can go back and review or modify these permissions anytime, for each Spot individually.


Here are some of the partners who are already using The Spot Platform.
The Spot Platform is currently available to early access partners. Get in touch with us today to build your Spot on Google Pay!