The Google Workspace developer platform is a collection of tools and resources that let you customize, extend, and integrate with Google Workspace. Low-code tools like Apps Script enable business users to build customizations that automate routine tasks, and professional resources like Add-ons and APIs enable software vendors to build applications that extend and integrate with Google Workspace.

Customize, extend, connect, and grow with Google Workspace

Create the functionality to work the way you want with Apps Script.
Build and use Add-ons to integrate the tools you already use into Google Workspace.
Tap into Google’s innovative technology using REST APIs that let you integrate with Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and more.
Connect your application with more than 1.5 billion Google Workspace users.
Curious about how you can customize, integrate, or extend Google Workspace? Watch this short platform overview video to find something that appeals to you, whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started.

Start building with these examples.

In about five minutes, create an add-on for Gmail, Docs, Forms or Slides.
Learn the fundamentals of Apps Script with these codelabs. Create custom functions, manipulate and format data in Sheets, chart and present data in Slides.
Create a simple Google Chat bot. The bot can be directly messaged, and responds by echoing the messages you send it.
Find an API for any Google Workspace app: Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Calendar, People, Drive, Directory, Reports, Vault, Google Chat, Sites, and many more app and admin APIs.

Developers have built thousands of apps for Google Workspace

Start building your own.