Submit the feed file

Once your feed file is hosted, reach out to your Media Actions contact to kick off the feed review process.

Manual testing

Before making your content available on Google platforms, the Media Actions team checks the quality of the deep links in your feed. We strongly recommend you manually test some of the deep links to verify platform-specific playback behaviors.

Submit for review

To request a review of your feed, provide the following items to the Media Action team:

  • Quality checklist: Include the quality checklist with all the items verified.
  • Host location: The URL of your feed file.
  • Host authentication: Include the authentication credentials to allow Google to retrieve the feed file from your host, if applicable.
  • Top 200 entities (Listen Action only): A spreadsheet that contains the top 200 entities of your feed. As part of testing, we check the availability and correctness of the top 200 entities of your choice.
    • Include the top 200 entities per entity type you provide.
      • For instance, 200 entities for MusicGroup, 200 entities for MusicAlbum, etc.
    • The list needs to contain the following properties: @id, url, and name.
  • Test account: A test account that allows the Media Actions team to access the deep links on your app or platform for testing. If your feed has entities in multiple platforms, provide a test account per platform.
  • Icon image: Image files that contain your brand icon; Google associates your content deep links to your brand icon.

    • Your brand icon must meet the following requirements:
      • A PNG file format.
      • A non-white background color.
      • A round shape.
    • Provide the icon in the following sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 40x40, 44x44, and 112x112 px.

      • Filesize for all icons, except the 112x112 px, cannot be greater than 1 KB.
      • Filesize for the 112x112 px icon cannot be greater than 3 KB.

      Figure 1. Media Actions icons on Google Search.