Enterprise License Manager API: How-To Guides

These guides describe how to perform various common tasks using the Enterprise License Manager API.

  • API Concepts — Introduces the conceptual relationships of customers, users, SKUs, and licenses.
  • API Prerequists — Explains what you have to set up before using the API.
  • Authorize Requests — Gives the basics of using OAuth 2.0 to authorize requests.
  • Using the API Developer's Guide — Describes how account-level and reseller administrators can use the Enterprise License Manager API to manage users license assignments. Once your account's product SKU licenses have been enabled and your users have been created, use the License Manager API to assign, update, retrieve, and delete licenses for your account's users.
  • Products and SKUs — Lists the supported Google products and related Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).
  • Batch Requests — Learn how to send requests in batches.
  • Performance Tips — Introduces the techniques for improving your application's performance, including using gzip and working with partial resources.

For information about specific methods, see the API Reference.