Beginning Jan 23, 2018, Google Mobile Ads SDK versions older than 7.0.0 will no longer be supported. Publishers with these older versions will not be able to serve ads in their apps. Please ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version of the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

Release Notes

Version Release Date Notes
11.8.0 2017‑12‑18
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.
11.6.0 2017‑11‑07
11.4.0 2017‑09‑19
11.2.2 2017‑09‑05
11.2.0 2017‑08‑14
  • Added the loadAds() method to the AdLoader class, which allows apps to load multiple unique ads in a single request.
  • When you upgrade your app to version 11.2.0 or later of the Google Mobile Ads SDK, your app's build.gradle must also be updated to specify a compileSdkVersion of at least 26 (Android O). This does not change the way your app runs. You will not be required to update targetSdkVersion.
  • Beginning with version 11.2.0, the Google Mobile Ads SDK is available via Google's Maven repository. For more information, see the Google Play services release notes.
11.0.0 2017‑06‑07
10.2.0 2017‑2‑15
  • Google Play services 10.2.x is the first release that no longer includes full support for Android version 2.3.x (Gingerbread). Apps developed using SDK release 10.2.x and later require a minimum Android API level of 14 and cannot be installed on devices running an API level below 14. To learn more about your options, including building multiple APKs to extend your app's support for Android Gingerbread, see the Android Developers Blog.
  • Added support for video assets for Native Advanced content and custom template ads.
  • Added the getVideoController(), setVideoOptions(), and getVideoOptions() methods to the PublisherAdView class.
  • Added the AdChoicesView class.
  • Added the getAdChoicesContent() and setAdChoicesContent() methods to the NativeAdMapper class.
  • Added the InitializableMediationRewardedVideoAdAdapter interface for rewarded video mediation adapters that want to opt in to early initialization before an ad request is made.
  • Added support for in-app preview and troubleshooting in DFP.
10.0.1 2016‑11‑21
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.
9.8.0 2016‑10‑24
  • MobileAds.Initialize(Context) has been un-deprecated. DFP and Ad Exchange publishers should call this method when initializing their apps. AdMob publishers should still use MobileAds.Initialize(Context, String) and pass their application code.
9.6.0 2016‑09‑22
  • Added the MediaView class for Native Ads Advanced video ads.
  • Added an openDebugMenu() method to the MobileAds class for creative preview and troubleshooting of DFP ad units.
  • Added support for rewarded video custom events.
9.4.0 2016‑08‑01
  • Bug fixes and general improvements.
9.2.0 2016‑06‑27
  • Added the setAdChoicesPlacement() method to the NativeAdOptions.Builder class, which app publishers can now use to specify the location of their AdChoices in native ads.
  • Video ad playback has been improved with several bug fixes.
9.0.1 2016‑05‑26
  • Resolves a ProGuard issue introduced in 9.0.0. Publishers no longer need a keep option for
9.0.0 2016‑05‑18
8.4.0 2015‑12‑18
  • Added a public method, MobileAds.setAppVolume(), to inform the Mobile Ads SDK of an app's current volume level.
  • Implemented bug fixes and improvements.
8.3.0 2015‑11‑6
8.1.0 2015‑09‑24 Various bug fixes.
7.8.0 2015‑08‑13
7.5.0 2015‑05‑28
  • Added support for app install and content native ad formats across AdMob, DFP, and Ad Exchange.
  • Added support for custom native ad formats, available for DFP reservations.
7.3.0 2015‑04‑28 Various bug fixes.
7.0.0 2015‑03‑19
6.5.87 2014‑12‑08
  • Introduced split JAR architecture--Android Studio developers can now just include the ads portion of Google Play services by depending on‑services‑ads:6.+.
    Note: Apps that create banner ads in XML must still reference the entire library‑services:6.+.
  • Various bug fixes.
6.1 2014‑10‑08
  • Added a getLocation() method to
  • Added a content description to the interstitial close button for accessibility.
  • Removed logging of "Google Play resources not found" when the library project is linked correctly.
  • Added getMediationAdapterClassName() to AdView to get the class name of the ad network mediation adapter currently showing an ad.
5.0 2014‑06‑25
  • Added new APIs to implement Custom Events.
  • Added default purchase flow for In-App Purchase, using the Google Play Billing API.
4.4 2014‑05‑07
  • Added new Mediation Adapter APIs.
  • Added new 320x100 LARGE_BANNER ad format for both phones and tablets.
  • Added new interstitial format for In-App Purchase. Set an InAppPurchaseListener on InterstitialAd to listen for in-app purchase events.
  • Bug fix for SecurityException crash due to reading gservices without permission.
4.3 2014‑03‑17
  • InterstitialAd now functions if passed an application context.
  • Added the setContentUrl() method to PublisherAdRequest.Builder.
  • Fix for exception when Service not registered.
4.2 2014‑02‑03 Various bug fixes.
4.1 2014‑01‑16
  • Added support for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for Mobile Apps.
  • AdRequest.Builder now has a setLocation() method.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if an interstitial ad was requested but AdActivity wasn't specified in the manifest.
4.0 2013‑10‑31
  • Google Mobile Ads APIs are now part of Google Play services.
  • Future updates to the Google Mobile Ads APIs get automatically pushed to devices through Google Play services.
  • DFP, Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for Mobile Apps not yet supported.


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