Contact support

Ads Data Hub Support Team offers the following services:

  • Account linking:

    • General questions about account linking
    • Troubleshooting issues or errors in the linking process
    • Linking accounts to Ads Data Hub where self-service linking is not available
  • Querying help:

    • Clarifying general schema questions
    • Troubleshooting query execution errors
    • Troubleshooting data discrepancy issues with 1st party reports
    • Troubleshooting unexpected query results

To resolve any of these issues, contact Ads Data Hub support.

Create a dataset for query troubleshooting

  1. Create a dataset in your BigQuery project named adh_support.
  2. Grant your service account "write" access to adh_support.
  3. Grant read access to adh_support. Optionally, give the dataset a default expiration time, so that it's automatically deleted.

Unsupported areas

The Ads Data Hub Support Team doesn’t support questions about:

  • The Ads Data Hub API. Reach out to the API support alias directly for any API related issues
  • Writing queries from scratch
  • Query optimization: fine-tuning queries to generate a specific dataset or for marginal performance improvements
  • Discrepancy between in-product and ADH measurement vendor reports
    • Reach out to your ADH measurement vendor directly to troubleshoot those discrepancies