Ads Data Hub allows advertisers, agencies, and third party vendors to input their data into BigQuery and join it with event level ad campaign data. Combining your data with Google's event data can provide better attribution, improve advertising efficiency, and give a holistic view of different advertising channels. An Ads Data Hub query is aggregated over a group of users, which allows Google to provide more complete data and still maintain end-user privacy.

How Ads Data Hub works

Ads data in BigQuery

  • Google inputs your event level ad campaign data into BigQuery, including Doubleclick IDs (cookies), mobile device IDs (AdID and IDFA), and anonymized Google sign ins. This data is not human readable.

Your data in a separate BigQuery project

  • You upload your own non-Google data.
  • You grant read access to the Ads Data Hub matching service and also write access to a BigQuery project to hold output results (this can be separate from your data project).
  • The data is only accessible by you and the Ads Data Hub matching service. Your data is separate and secure in your project and not human readable.

You map event level Google data with your uploaded data across the two BigQuery projects

  • Google works with you to set up a cookie match to your data, and then _match tables for Ads Data Hub are Google-hosted.
  • Match tables exist for Doubleclick ID to your_unique_ID, Google ID to your_unique_ID, Mobile device ids to AdMob ID (for Doubleclick mobile app, GDN mobile app).

You run SQL queries to join data in the Google BigQuery project with data in your BigQuery project.

  • Your data is more complete while still maintaining the privacy of end users.