Managedconfigurationsforuser: update

Adds or updates the managed configuration settings for an app for the specified user. If you support the Managed configurations iframe, you can apply managed configurations to a user by specifying an mcmId and its associated configuration variables (if any) in the request. Alternatively, all EMMs can apply managed configurations by passing a list of managed properties.


HTTP request



Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
enterpriseId string The ID of the enterprise.
managedConfigurationForUserId string The ID of the managed configuration (a product ID), e.g. "".
userId string The ID of the user.


This request requires authorization with the following scope:


For more information, see the authentication and authorization page.

Request body

In the request body, supply a Managedconfigurationsforuser resource.


If successful, this method returns a Managedconfigurationsforuser resource in the response body.