Products: generateApprovalUrl

Generates a URL that can be rendered in an iframe to display the permissions (if any) of a product. An enterprise admin must view these permissions and accept them on behalf of their organization in order to approve that product.

Admins should accept the displayed permissions by interacting with a separate UI element in the EMM console, which in turn should trigger the use of this URL as the approvalUrlInfo.approvalUrl property in a Products.approve call to approve the product. This URL can only be used to display permissions for up to 1 day.


HTTP request



Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
enterpriseId string The ID of the enterprise.
productId string The ID of the product.
Optional query parameters
languageCode string The BCP 47 language code used for permission names and descriptions in the returned iframe, for instance "en-US".


This request requires authorization with the following scope:


For more information, see the authentication and authorization page.

Request body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:

  "url": string
Property name Value Description Notes
url string A URL that can be rendered in an iframe to display the permissions (if any) of a product. This URL can be used to approve the product only once and only within 24 hours of being generated, using the Products.approve call. If the product is currently unapproved and has no permissions, this URL will point to an empty page. If the product is currently approved, a URL will only be generated if that product has added permissions since it was last approved, and the URL will only display those new permissions that have not yet been accepted.