Increase user engagement with interactions in emails, Google Search, and the Google app, or manage a user's inbox.

Enhance the Gmail and Inbox experience

Use the Gmail REST API to add Gmail features to your app, granting it access to threads, messages, labels, drafts, and history. The API is easy to use with modern web languages and Google API client libraries.

Create a Gmail Add-on to let your users interact with your apps and services directly—without ever leaving Gmail. You use Apps Script to create an add-on that can extend Gmail behavior, add functionality, and connect to other G Suite products like Google Calendar.

AMP for Email

Gmail now supports dynamic emails that are up-to-date, actionable, and more relevant for users. Email senders can embed dynamic content into their messages using AMP.
Using AMP for Email, your email messages can fetch up-to-date content when the user opens a message, allow users to click through rich interactive widgets like carousels and accordions, and fill out forms.

Amplify your promotional email in Gmail

The Gmail Promotions tab* is the best place to deliver relevant and engaging offers to your customers.
  • Inform

    Email annotations make it easy to highlight key information like deals, expiration dates, and promo codes.
  • Inspire

    Adding images to your annotations help bring your promotions to life and make them more discoverable.
  • Drive action

    Gmail automatically groups and highlights promotions that people are most likely to be interested in.**

* Only consumers see the new Gmail Promotions tab. The experience does not impact G Suite users.
** These are not ads and happen automatically based on a number of factors.


Create engaging and responsive emails for your customers using CSS.


Allow your app to send emails that expose interactions in Gmail, Inbox, Google Search, and the Google app.


Connect your alternative email client with Gmail user accounts, using industry standard IMAP and SMTP protocols.


Control rich previews by annotating images, expiration dates, and deals within your email.