Editing Issues in Bulk

This page shows how to edit issues in bulk in Google Issue Tracker.

To edit issues, you must be signed in to a Google account. You also must have Edit Issues or Admin permissions for the components that contain the issues in order to edit their fields. If you have Comment on Issues permissions, you can only view and add comments to the issues.

Edit issues in bulk

To edit issues in bulk:

  1. Open Issue Tracker in your web browser.

  2. Find the issues you want to edit using one of the following:

  3. Select the issues you want to edit or click the checkbox at the top of the list to select them all.

    You can also use the keyboard shortcut x to select an issue.

    When at least one issue has been selected, additional buttons become appear above the search results.

  4. Use the Edit drop-down list to apply changes to all the selected issues. You can edit many of the common issue fields, such as Assignee, Component, and Priority.

    If successful, Issue Tracker notifies you that the edits have been made. For example:

    Issue Type set to "Bug" on 7 issues.

  5. Use the Link drop-down list to mark the issues as duplicates or to mark or unmark them as blocking or blocked by.

  6. Use the Email drop-down list to change who is listed in the CC field of the selected issues.

    If successful, Issue Tracker notifies you that the edits have been made. For example:

    "user@google.com" added to CCs, "user2@google.com" removed from CCs on 2 issues.

    There is no notification if you try to add an e-mail address that already exists on the cc list, or remove an address that does not exist. Issue Tracker simply treats the action as successful.

  7. Use the copy button to copy links to the issues or to copy a search for the issues.

  8. Use the hotlist picker to add or remove the selected issues from hotlists.

    If successful, Issue Tracker notifies you that the hotlist changes have been made. For example:

    Added issue to Hotlist ['Sprints', 'Overhaul'] on 4 issues.

    Selecting or deselecting a hotlist with its checkbox does not apply your change until you click the Apply button that appears at the bottom of the hotlist drop-down list.

  9. Use the More icon to flag the issues as spam. If you have partner access to Issue Tracker, you also have the option to export the issues to CSV.

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