Address descriptors coverage details

The address descriptors feature of the reverse geocoding API is only available in the cities laid out below. Please reach out to us if you would like to request additional coverage.

City coverage

The following table shows the latest coverage details on a city basis.


The feature is available in the city.

City Country Address descriptors feature
Agra India
Ahmedabad India
Bengaluru India
Bhopal India
Bhubaneswar India
Cuttack India
Chandigarh India
Chennai India
Coimbatore India
Delhi India
Guwahati India
Hyderabad India
Indore India
Jaipur India
Kochi India
Kolkata India
Lucknow India
Mumbai India
Mysuru India
Patna India
Pune India
Rajkot India
Surat India
Vijayawada India
Visakhapatnam India


This is an experimental feature and we would appreciate feedback. Please email us at