Solar API coverage

The Solar API provides solar data for hundreds of millions of buildings across the world. Imagery quality can be HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW.

  • HIGH: Solar data was based on high-resolution (e.g., 10cm) DSM data, typically from low-altitude aerial imagery.
  • MEDIUM: Solar data was based on medium-resolution (e.g., 25cm) DSM data, typically from high-altitude aerial imagery.
  • LOW: Solar data was based on low-resolution (e.g., 50cm or worse) DSM data, typically from satellite imagery.

The Google Maps Platform team is constantly working to improve coverage for our API services. This interactive map shows where HIGH and MEDIUM quality solar data is available. It does not show where LOW quality solar data is available.

Latitude and longitude coordinates can be obtained using other Google Maps Platform APIs, such as the Geocoding API or the Places API. Coordinates can also be extracted from maps created using the Maps Javascript API. For example, see Getting Lat Lng from a Click Event.

Drag the map to show a specific area and then zoom in for a detailed view.

Download the shape files used to create this map as a ZIP file.