Revision History

Tokenized FOP v2 Specification Revision History

This is a revision history noting significant changes to the Tokenized FOP APIs.

Date API Version Change Description APIs Impacted
2021-05-26 2.0.0 - Drop deprecated response codes capture, reserveFunds
2021-05-26 2.0.0- pre.13 - Drop totalEvents from statement details remittanceStatementDetails
2021-05-26 2.0.0- pre.12 - Drop captureRequestId from RefundRequest refund
2021-05-26 2.0.0- pre.11 - Drop captureContext from CaptureRequest capture
2021-04-15 2.0.0- pre.10 - Update documentation to call out idempotency requirement associateAccount
2021-02-11 2.0.0-pre.9 - Add refund window exceeded as a decline reason for refunds refund
2020-12-15 2.0.0-pre.8 - Link to correct ErrorResponse type in Tokenized v2 documentation Google-hosted
2020-11-13 2.0.0-pre.7 - Add transaction_id to RefundRequest and deprecate capture_request_id in the same message. refund
2020-11-06 2.0.0-pre.6 - Make AccountClosureInfo# closure_reason REQUIRED - Add closed_by_user option to AccountClosureInfo# closure_reason - Document one-way nature of account closure - Deprecate and replace the update sequence timestamp field updateAssociatedAccount
2020-11-05 2.0.0-pre.5 Mark unused result codes and CaptureContext as deprecated. Add risk decline result code to CaptureResult. Remove account verification options. capture, reserveFunds
2020-10-30 2.0.0-pre.4 Add documentation to AccountAlias types, call out amount fields as inclusive of tax associatedAccount, updateAssociatedAccount, capture, reserveFunds, captureFundsReservation
2020-09-10 2.0.0-pre.3 Remove RefreshToken API refreshToken
2020-08-24 2.0.0-pre.2 Small changes to how Empty is documented updateAssociatedAccount
2020-08-04 2.0.0-pre.1 Added revision history file None