Wallet release notes

This page documents production updates to Wallet. We recommend that Wallet developers periodically check this list for any new announcements.

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June 04, 2024

Check out all of the new features that were announced at Google I/O 2024 in the Everything you need to know about Google Pay and Wallet video.

Users in India can now get Google Wallet and use it for a wide range of everyday use cases including air travel, events, transit, loyalty and more!

Google Wallet now launched in Guernsey 🇬🇬, Morocco 🇲🇦 and Bermuda 🇧🇲 !

We have expanded Google Wallet on Fitbit to all Fitbit devices that support NFC in all markets except JP 🇯🇵, TW 🇹🇼, SA 🇿🇦.

Corporate Badges have launched in multiple countries! To see where you can save yours to Google Wallet, refer to the "Save your corporate badge to Google Wallet" support article. Developers working with supported Access protocols and Account Hubs (like NXP) can integrate this functionality, enabling companies to digitize employee badges. Please see the Corporate Badge developer documentation for more information.

Ever want to engage your users through passes push notifications? Developers can now Trigger Push Notifications to their pass users via the add message API!

AppLinkData links are now included on the front of the pass view for easier access to your website or app (or be prompted to install your app if not already installed).

You can now use the Google Pay and Wallet Console to access basic analytics about your passes at the class level. Navigate to the Wallet API > Class management tab and click on the analytics button to access the new dashboard. Note: you will only be able to see views on passes if there were more than 50 unique users on a given day due to privacy restrictions.

The Generic Private Pass API now supports update notifications which enable users to be notified when an update is available for their pass. The message will link to your app or website so the user can download a new version of the pass.

The Generic Private Pass API now supports Add and Delete callback events to be informed when a user successfully saves or deletes a pass.

The Generic Private Pass API no longer requires you to request allowlisting of each image you want to include on passes.

Join the Auto Linked Passes beta feature by filling out your interest on this form. The Auto Linked Passes feature lets you attach a grouped pass to one a user has already saved.

On June 10, 2024, Google Wallet will require Android 9 or higher on your phone and Wear OS 2.x or higher on your smartwatch. More information on how to update can be found in the Help Center.

March 07, 2024

Movie tickets and boarding passes from Gmail are now surfaced in the Google Wallet when a user buys a ticket and gets a confirmation email in their Gmail. This integration is live for some global movie chains and airlines and we are working to expand this.

Google Wallet launched in Dominican Republic (🇩🇴), Monaco (🇲🇨), and Peru (🇵🇪) on November 7!

We have made it easier to manage the passes that appear in Google Wallet. Most passes can now be manually archived by users, which will move the pass down into the newly named 'Archived Passes' section (formerly known as 'Expired Passes'). Users can also unarchive previously expired or archived passes for easier reference on their home feed. Users can also archive passes from their Wear OS devices for easier management.

[Beta Feature] Loyalty cards saved to Wallet can now be used to highlight membership benefits while users browse your products on Google Search and Shopping. This feature is limited to the US. Please contact support if you are interested in piloting this combined Google Shopping x Google Wallet feature.

Flight Passes now use DATETIME by default and show both the date and time on the front of the pass.

A longstanding issue that prevented the titleLabel from appearing on the back of the pass was addressed. The titleLabel field that appears on the front of the pass (aka card view) is now visible on the back of the pass.

We will soon be automatically moving AppLinkData definitions to a more prominent location on the front of the pass (aka card view) so that users can more easily access your website or app (or be prompted to install your app if not already installed). The change requires no update on your end.

October 06, 2023

Passes are now enabled for Colombia (CO) 🇨🇴 , Faroe Islands (FO) 🇫🇴, Greenland (GL) 🇬🇱, Isle of man (IM) 🇮🇲, San Marino (SM) 🇸🇲 and Peru 🇵🇪!

Google Wallet now supports QUICPay and iD on Wear OS by Google. Users in Japan can now add supported credit and debit cards to Google Wallet and tap to pay with their Pixel Watch.

You can now use the new wide header logo to specify a rectangular header image to be displayed at the top of the pass in the front of pass screen. Read more here.

JavaScript web buttons have been translated and converted to 'Add to Google Wallet'.

July 17, 2023

Smart Tap is now enabled for Generic Private Passes.

July 10, 2023

We launched Google Wallet in Albania (🇦🇱), Argentina (🇦🇷), Bosnia and Herzegovina (🇧🇦), North Macedonia (🇲🇰), and Montenegro (🇲🇪) on June 6! With this launch we also support Wallet on WearOS and Fitbit devices!

The Google Wallet FAQ page now has many useful answers and suggestions to the most common questions the Wallet team receives. Check it out and see if it helps you as you develop for Google Wallet.

Account Restricted Passes have launched in beta which allow developers to associate some pass objects with Google accounts which limits who can save the pass. By setting the user's email address on the Pass via the API we validate that the account set on the pass object matches the Google Account of the Google Wallet user saving the pass. File a support request to gain access to the feature.

RCS Business Messaging (RBM) has launched for Boarding Passes which allow developers to bring branded, interactive mobile check-in experiences, right to the native Android messaging app. You can use Google Wallet with RBM to design a seamless check-in flow. Once the check-in is complete, users can add the boarding pass to their Wallet from the Google's Messages app.

Events tickets with Smart Tap NFC capabilities will now prompt the user to use the contactless capabilities of the pass through a new NFC Education feature. Users are prompted with instructions on how to use NFC-enabled passes.

The maximum number of TextModuleData fields and Message fields has been updated to support 20 for both Class and Object on the default pass template.

May 09, 2023

The Generic Private Passes (GPP) API supports passes with sensitive data fields and approved sensitive use cases. With the introduction of this new API Wallet can now support* commonly requested use cases such as:

  • Health Insurance Cards
  • National IDs
  • Travel Documents
  • Passes that display biometric data

* Use case support depends on use case approval per country.

Google Wallet is now available in Japan on Android and Wear devices! See the blog post here.

Google Wallet recently launched in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Kuwait on Android and Fitbit and Wear devices! You can now use Google Wallet in over 60 countries and regions worldwide!

Demo mode enables pass developers to get started with the Wallet API in a self-serve manner immediately with support for the following features:

  • Lean Onboarding: Only 3 clicks to creation, requires minimal onboarding.

  • Sandbox Environment for demo mode partners.

  • Access Control: Only allow listed emails can save passes.

  • Risk Management: UI elements to clearly denote test passes.

PassContraints give developers more control over the screenshot and NFC capabilities of their passes. As a developer, you can control when a user is able to screenshot a pass and when it will convey specific NFC objects.

Google Wallet will stop working Android 5 (L) and Android 6 (M) by May 21st.