Resolve errors and reactivate a Google Workspace subscription

This page explains how to reactivate a suspended Google Workspace subscription by resolving or troubleshooting errors and calling the subscriptions.reactivate() method.

Google Workspace subscriptions are suspended whenever an error prevents the subscription from receiving events. For example, a subscription is suspended when its target resource or notification endpoint can't be found. After you resolve any errors with the subscription, you can reactivate the subscription to start receiving events again.

You can learn about a suspended subscription in the following ways:

  • Your app receives a lifecycle event about the suspension. If your subscription is suspended due to an error with its endpoint, you might not receive a lifecycle event.
  • You use the subscriptions.get() or subscriptions.list() methods to see whether the subscription's state field is set to SUSPENDED.
  • You're notified about a delivery failure to your notification endpoint. To learn about monitoring delivery failures to Google Cloud Pub/Sub topics, see Handle message failures.

Reactivated subscriptions maintain the original expiration date. To extend the expiration time of a subscription, see Update or renew a subscription.


  • Python 3.6 or greater
  • The pip package management tool
  • The latest Google client libraries for Python. To install or update them, run the following command in your command-line interface:
      pip3 install --upgrade google-api-python-client google-auth-oauthlib

Identify and resolve errors

To identify the error for a subscription, review the subscription's suspensionReason field. You can find this field when you receive a lifecycle event about the suspension, or by using the subscriptions.get() method to review all fields for the subscription.

The following table displays possible errors for a subscription and, when possible, how to resolve the errors. If you can't resolve the error, you can delete the subscription, or wait for it to expire. The Google Workspace Events API deletes expired subscriptions automatically.

Error Description Ways to resolve


The authorizing user has revoked the grant of one or more OAuth scopes that are required for the subscription. Obtain another access token. For details, see Obtain an access token from the Google Authorization Server.


The target resource for the subscription is deleted. If the resource is restored, call the reactivate() method. Otherwise, no action required, as you can't reactivate a subscription without its original target resource.


The authorizing user no longer has access to the resource for the subscription. No action required. You can't reactivate the subscription, as the user who authorized it can't access the target resource.


The Google Workspace application doesn't have access to deliver events to your notification endpoint. Grant access to the service account for the Google Workspace application that delivers events.

For Google Chat events, the service account is For Google Meet events, the service account is

For Pub/Sub topics, grant the role of Pub/Sub Publisher (roles/pubsub.publisher) to the service account.


The notification endpoint doesn't exist or can't be found. Check that the endpoint is still active and working. To troubleshoot Pub/Sub topics, see the Troubleshooting documentation.


The notification endpoint failed to receive events due to insufficient quota or reaching rate limiting. Request a quota increase.

Reactivate a subscription

After you've resolved the error that suspended your subscription, you can use the reactivate() method to let the subscription receive events again. The method checks that all errors are resolved and changes your subscription's state field from SUSPENDED to ACTIVE.

To reactivate a Google Workspace subscription:


  1. In your working directory, create a file named and add the following code:

    """Reactivate subscription."""
    from google_auth_oauthlib.flow import InstalledAppFlow
    from googleapiclient.discovery import build
    # Specify required scopes.
    # Authenticate with Google Workspace and get user authentication.
    flow = InstalledAppFlow.from_client_secrets_file('client_secrets.json', SCOPES)
    CREDENTIALS = flow.run_local_server()
    # Call the Workspace Events API using the service endpoint.
    service = build(
    NAME = 'subscriptions/SUBSCRIPTION_ID'
    response = service.subscriptions().reactivate(name=NAME).execute()

    Replace the following:

    • SCOPES: One or more OAuth scopes that support each event type for the subscription. Formatted as an array of strings. To list multiple scopes, separate by commas. For example, '', ''.
    • SUBSCRIPTION_ID: The ID of the subscription. To get the ID, you can use any of the following:
      • The value of the uid field.
      • The ID of the resource name represented in the name field. For example, if the resource name is subscriptions/subscription-123, use subscription-123.
  2. In your working directory, make sure you've stored your OAuth client ID credentials and named the file client_secrets.json. The code sample uses this JSON file to authenticate with Google Workspace and get user credentials. For instructions, see Create OAuth client ID credentials.

  3. To reactivate the Google Workspace subscription, run the following in your terminal:

The Google Workspace Events API returns a long-running operation that contains the instance of the Subscription resource.

If the request fails, see the following section to troubleshoot additional errors.

Troubleshoot multiple errors

If you have resolved the error that suspended the subscription and the reactivate() method fails, another error might have occurred after your subscription was suspended.

To identify additional errors, review the output from the failed request. The output contains any errors that are still present.

When your subscription has multiple errors, the value for the suspensionReason field always uses the original error that suspended your subscription.