Before you begin building your client application, you need to complete these prerequisite steps.

The API is for account-level administrators who have either a Google Workspace, Education, or ISP accounts. If your account has multiple domains, only administrators in your account's primary domain can use the API. Learn more about using multiple domains.

Get a Google Account

You need a Google Workspace, Education, or ISP account for testing and configuration purposes. Once the account is created, verify your domain ownership. If you already have an account and have verified your domain ownership, then you're all set.

Become familiar with your Google Workspace Admin console found at For more information about the Admin console, see Use your Admin console.

Enable your Google Workspace APIs and services

  • Before you can begin, you need to create a new project in the Google APIs Console.
  • Enable API access from your Google Workspace Admin console to be able to make API calls to the Groups Settings API. For detailed information on how to enable API access, go to Manage access to Google services.
  • The creation of your groups and group members is a prerequisite to using the Groups Settings API. You can create groups using the Admin console. To programmatically create groups, use the Directory API.
  • To ensure email messages are delivered to your groups, activate the Gmail service.
  • To use the API, the Google Workspace Groups service must be enabled.