A posts resource contain the HTML content of a blog post, along with post metadata. 

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

  "kind": "blogger#post",
  "id": string,
  "blog": {
    "id": string
  "published": datetime,
  "updated": datetime,
  "url": string,
  "selfLink": string,
  "title": string,
  "titleLink": string,
  "content": string,
  "images": [
      "url": string
  "customMetaData": string,
  "author": {
    "id": string,
    "displayName": string,
    "url": string,
    "image": {
      "url": string
  "replies": {
    "totalItems": long,
    "selfLink": string,
    "items": [
      comments Resource
  "labels": [
  "location": {
    "name": string,
    "lat": double,
    "lng": double,
    "span": string
  "status": string
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string The kind of this entity. Always blogger#post.
id string The ID of this post.
blog object Data about the blog containing this post. string The ID of the blog that contains this post.
published datetime RFC 3339 date-time when this post was published.
updated datetime RFC 3339 date-time when this post was last updated.
url string The URL where this post is displayed.
title string The title of the post.
content string The content of the post. Can contain HTML markup.
author object The author of this post. string The ID of the post creator.
author.displayName string The post creator's display name.
author.url string The URL of the post creator's profile page.
author.image object The post creator's avatar.
author.image.url string The post creator's avatar URL.
replies object The container for this post's comments.
replies.totalItems long The total number of comments on this post.
labels[] list The list of labels this post was tagged with.
customMetaData string The JSON metadata for the post.
replies.items[] list The list of comments for this post.
location object The location, if this post is geotagged. string Location name. double Location's latitude.
location.lng double Location's longitude.
location.span string Location's viewport span. Can be used when rendering a map preview.
images[] list Display image for the Post.
images[].url string
status string Status of the post. Only set for admin-level requests


You can retrieve the list of posts for a blog using the list method, and retrieve an individual post using the get method.  

Retrieves a list of posts.
Retrieves one post by post ID.
Searches for a post that matches the given query terms.
Adds a post.
Deletes a post by ID.
Retrieves a post by path.
Updates a post. This method supports patch semantics.
Updates a post.
Publish a draft post.
Revert a published or scheduled post to draft state, which removes the post from the publicly viewable content.