eBay is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets around the world. eBay offers sellers the ability to grow a business with little barriers to entry, regardless of size, background or geographic location. Buyers who shop on eBay sites, as well as eBay mobile apps, enjoy a highly personalized experience with an unparalleled selection at a great value.

A screenshot of eBay web page using Google Identity Service One Tap.


“Google One-Tap gives all eBay users a smart, contextual, low-friction sign-in experience that works seamlessly across devices and platforms, so that the users can focus on what they really want to do, buy and sell.”
Mahendar Madhavan
Lead Product Manager

For new user sign-up on Google One-Tap
  • 2X more likely to use Google One-Tap over other sign-up methods
For returning user sign-in on Google One-Tap
  • 100% more likely to sign in across both desktop and mobile web
  • 5% increase in completion rate* on desktop web
  • 12% increase in completion rate* on mobile web browsers over other traditional authentication methods like password and one-time password (OTP)

Customers love the seamless sign-in experience

eBay emphasizes providing a seamless, secure experience for both buyers and sellers because its users are at the core of its success. As with most sites and platforms, users get the best personalized experience when signed in. As a result, eBay has embarked on a journey to a passwordless user experience, implementing frictionless authentication methods without compromising user security.

The seamless user experience of Google One-Tap has helped eBay increase its sign-in flow completion rate by 5 percent across desktop web. Furthermore, for returning users, One-Tap has increased sign-in completion rate on mobile web browsers by 12 percent — higher than any other traditional authentication methods, including passwords and OTP flows.


eBay uses “Sign in with Google” buttons across its mobile and web platforms and has also implemented Google One-Tap on the web. In parallel, eBay also developed Sign-In with Google buttons on desktop, mobile web, Android and iOS platforms. eBay successfully planned, coordinated, and launched support to roll both features (Sign-In with Google and Google One-Tap) out to all users.


As with most websites, every user’s interaction with eBay begins with authenticating into the site. However, the typical authentication sequence using usernames and passwords can impact the user experience by creating additional friction and makes eBay more vulnerable to phishing and hackers. Users are constantly forgetting and resetting their passwords, which is a frustrating process that can lead to duplicate account creation. One-Tap is a huge improvement in providing eBay users a seamless sign-in experience across its websites and apps to millions of buyers and sellers.

*Completion Rate: Ratio of fully completed sign-in or sign-ups divided by the number of users who saw the Google One-Tap prompt.
A screenshot of eBay web page using Google Identity Service One Tap on mobile.