Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. Through the Pinterest app, available on iPhone and Android, users can access billions of Pins and save them to boards to keep ideas organized and easy to find.

A screenshot of Pinterest web page using Google Identity Service One Tap.


“Google One Tap allows our users to easily access the best of Pinterest and supports our vision of removing friction and making authentication intuitive”
Lena Ziskin
Growth Product Manager

Pinterest users are 2X more likely to use Google One Tap vs. multi-step sign in options
New user sign-up
  • 47% increase in Sign Ups (Web/Mobile Web)
  • 126% increase in Sign Ups (Android)
Returning user sign-in
  • 16% increase in Sign Ins (Web/Mobile Web)
  • 34% increase in Sign Ins (Android)

Challenges and Goals

Pinterest delivers everyday inspiration to hundreds of millions of users. These users get the best experience when they are signed in to Pinterest, so they can see personalized content recommendations, save and retrieve their ideas, and share or discover ideas from friends and creators. Because of this, Pinterest has invested in building a seamless sign in experience and removing friction wherever possible, so that users can access the full value of their accounts and discover the most relevant content, as quickly as possible.

Solution and Results

Pinterest uses the Sign in with Google button across its mobile and web platforms and has subsequently also implemented Google One Tap on Android, Web, and Mobile Web. Specifically, Pinterest migrated from the previous solution to the new suite of products called Google Identity Services, which includes the new One Tap module, because it enables Pinterest users to access their accounts and saved content with a single click, instead of being sent through a multi-step sign in process. One Tap reduces the friction of users having to remember and type in username and passwords, while also addressing users failing to remember their original sign in method, which leads to duplicate account creation. This is a particularly frustrating user-experience requiring users to retrace their original login mechanism and saved content. Implementing Google Identity Services was straightforward, with One-Tap taking a couple weeks to implement from start to finish.

Given its ease of use, across all platforms, Pinterest users creating new accounts are 2x more likely to use One Tap compared to other multi-step options. Introducing One Tap has also led to more Pinterest users using Google as a log in or sign up solution. On web and mobile web, One Tap has led to a 47% increase in sign ups (new users creating an account on Pinterest) and a 16% increase in sign ins (returning users successfully logging into Pinterest). This was even more dramatic on Android, which saw a 126% increase in sign ups and a 34% increase in sign ins.
A screenshot of Pinterest Android app using Google Identity Service One Tap.