Vikatan is a leading Tamil publisher with a global audience of 40 million readers covering topics such as politics, cinema, finance, business, health and sports. The company has been providing exceptional journalism for nearly a century and is highly regarded for its free premium content accessible on both its web platform and mobile application.

Impact of Google One Tap for Vikatan:

“Google One Tap plays a dual role on our platform by acting as a reminder for existing subscribers to log in and as a smooth channel for unknown users to register. Both functions are crucial in enhancing the overall user experience. By boosting the rate of new registrations, it enables us to build direct, long-lasting relationships with our readers.”
G. Sudhakar
Product manager, Vikatan

  • Sign ups increased by 6X.
  • New account creation rate increased by 270%
  • Google One Tap now drives 80% of all new sign ups.

To drive account creation and to better track user engagement across its surfaces, Vikatan implemented Google One Tap, increasing sign-ups by 6X and boosting the number of new accounts on mobile and desktop web by 270%. 8 out of 10 new sign-ups are now happening through Google One Tap.

Sign ups are defined as new users to the platform who registered while new account creation rate is defined as the rate at which new accounts were created relative to a previous time period.


When a subscriber signs into their account across their devices, Vikatan is able to map engagement and preferences to the same user ID and provide them a more personalized experience. A signed-out subscriber is only prompted to sign in when they hit a paywall; if they read free content without signing in, their behaviors can’t be attributed to their user IDs for improved user experience.

Like most other major consumer websites, Vikatan also has users who visit their website but don’t have accounts. For a reader-centric company that generates revenue from subscriptions, getting users to sign up is the first step in the audience engagement process. When a user has an account, with proper consents in place, it allows customers the option to engage with Vikatan in an off-platform channel like email newsletters to nurture them as subscribers in future.

Vikatan needed a way to make signing up and signing into their platforms faster and easier for their users.

Solution and Results

To fix these issues, Vikatan implemented Google One Tap on mobile and desktop web to provide its users a seamless account creation and sign in process. It took them four days to complete the full integration from the backend to frontend. Google One Tap didn’t replace the Sign in with Google option on their Login Page, but rather it was integrated on their other webpages to complement the existing flow.

This placement shows the login prompt without interrupting users and reduces the cognitive load for them when they come across the login prompt, as it doesn't need any data field or verification except the single consent. As a result, the account creation rate has increased by 6X, and the number of new accounts on mobile and desktop web has spiked by 270%. 8 out of 10 new accounts are created through Google One Tap.

A screenshot of Vikatan web page using Google Identity Service One Tap.
A screenshot of Vikatan mobile web page using Google Identity Service One Tap.