Place Data Fields (New)

Place data fields define the types of place data to return from a request. This page lists all the place data fields.

The following table lists all supported place data field values by pricing tier and platform. For more information about how requests are billed, see Usage and Billing.

Text Search (ID Only)

Field Places SDK for iOS
Place ID GMSPlacePropertyPlaceID
Name GMSPlacePropertyName

Text Search (Basic)

Field Places SDK for iOS
Address Components GMSPlacePropertyAddressComponents
Business Status GMSPlacePropertyBusinessStatus
Formatted Address GMSPlacePropertyFormattedAddress
Viewport GMSPlacePropertyViewport
Location GMSPlacePropertyCoordinate
Icon Background Color GMSPlacePropertyIconBackgroundColor
Photo GMSPlacePropertyPhotos
Image URL GMSPlacePropertyIconImageURL
Plus Code GMSPlacePropertyPlusCode
Type GMSPlacePropertyTypes
UTC Offset GMSPlacePropertyUTCOffsetMinutes
Wheelchair Accessible Entrance GMSPlacePropertyWheelchairAccessibleEntrance

Text Search (Advanced)

Field Places SDK for iOS
International Phone Number GMSPlacePropertyPhoneNumber
Opening Hours GMSPlacePropertyOpeningHours
Current Opening Hours GMSPlacePropertyCurrentOpeningHours
Secondary Opening Hours GMSPlacePropertySecondaryOpeningHours
Website GMSPlacePropertyWebsite
Price Level GMSPlacePropertyPriceLevel
Rating GMSPlacePropertyRating
User Ratings Total GMSPlacePropertyUserRatingsTotal

Text Search (Preferred)

Field Places SDK for iOS
Curbside Pickup GMSPlacePropertyCurbsidePickup
Delivery GMSPlacePropertyDelivery
Dine-in GMSPlacePropertyDineIn
Editorial Summary GMSPlacePropertyEditorialSummary
Reservable GMSPlacePropertyReservable
Serves Beer GMSPlacePropertyServesBeer
Serves Breakfast GMSPlacePropertyServesBreakfast
Serves Brunch GMSPlacePropertyServesBrunch
Serves Dinner GMSPlacePropertyServesDinner
Serves Lunch GMSPlacePropertyServesLunch
Serves Vegetarian Food GMSPlacePropertyServesVegetarianFood
Serves Wine GMSPlacePropertyServesWine
Takeout GMSPlacePropertyTakeout

Places SDK for iOS all fields

In addition to the fields listed previously, the Places SDK for iOS includes the GMSPlacePropertyAll data type, which has the effect of returning all available data fields.