Update your Google Business Profile API integration before critical endpoints are disabled. Review the deprecation schedule and instructions to avoid disruptions starting in April 2022.
The Business Profile Performance API is now launched! Migration work is required.

Lodging API

Change log

v1.1: 2021-09-09


Addition of Sustainability object within Lodging Type. More Info.

v1: 2021-04-05

API Access

The Lodging API will need to be enabled from the GCP Console. The OAuth scope remains the same.

Endpoint URL

The Lodging API is accessible at https://mybusinesslodging.googleapis.com/v1/{name=locations/{locationId}/lodging} instead of https://mybusiness.googleapis.com/v4/accounts/{accountId}/locations/{locationId}

LanguageSpoken format

The LanguageSpoken object has changed and now accepts a language code. More Info.

allUnits and someUnits are now Output Only.

You can no longer edit the allUnits or someUnits fields. More info.