Third-party integration

The AdMob API is designed for developers representing publishers and third parties. Third parties are not direct users of AdMob, instead, they create services or integrations with AdMob for their clients, who are AdMob customers. This guide covers the basics of third-party integrations by providing best practices, tips, and tricks.

This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of the AdMob API. If you're unfamiliar with the AdMob API, please see our getting started documentation.

Getting started as a third party

To use the AdMob API to access an AdMob publisher's data, follow the guidelines below. No additional approval from Google is required, though note that by using the AdMob API, you agree to the AdMob API terms and conditions.

Authentication: How to properly access a client's AdMob data

In order for your application to access your client's AdMob data, you need to set up your authentication workflow in a secure manner.


Complete authorization steps

All requests you make to the AdMob API must be authorized. For a brief overview of authorization, read about how to authorize and identify your app to Google. Follow the steps to complete your authorization setup.

Now you can start making API calls to your client's AdMob account using examples in Java, PHP, Python or curl.

Keep up-to-date with the API

It's important that you stay up-to-date on which API versions are deprecated or sunset and when new versions are released. We recommend subscribing to the Ads Developer Blog to get the announcements.

Get support

If you run into issues with your AdMob API integration, post to the AdMob API developer forum.