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Deprecation and sunset

With the release of a new major Google Mobile Ads SDK version, a deprecated major version may be given a sunset date, after which all SDKs with that major version will no longer serve ads.

Benefits of a deprecation schedule

Introducing a predictable deprecation schedule offers the following benefits:

  • Ability to predict and plan for SDK updates with a year of lead time.
  • Legacy SDK code that only exists to support old versions can be deleted, thereby decreasing SDK size and lowering the risk of bugs.
  • Engineering resources are freed up to focus more on support for newer SDKs and innovation of new SDK features.


The following table lists the specific deprecation and sunset dates for each version. We encourage you to migrate to the newest version as soon as possible after its release.

Versions Release date Deprecation date Sunset date Migration guide
v10.x.x Q1 2023 Q1 2025 Q2 2026
v9.x.x February 1, 2022 Q1 2024 Q2 2025
v8.x.x February 1, 2021 Q1 2023 Q2 2024 Migrate to v9
v7.x.x February 3, 2015 September 30, 2022 Q2 2023 1 Migrate to v8

1 A more specific sunset date will be announced on the Google Ads Developer blog, and updated on this page with two months notice.

Differences between supported, deprecation, and sunset

Term Supported Deprecation Sunset
SDK Versions All releases with major release N and N-1, where N is the latest major version. All releases with major release N-2. All releases with major release N-3 or below. Releases with major version N-3 will sunset approximately two months after major version N is released.
Ad serving Ads serve to this version. Ads serve to this version. Ads will not serve to this version. Ad requests return a no fill with an error indicating that this version is sunset.
Support Technical SDK support questions are welcomed on the Google Mobile Ads SDK developer forum. Technical SDK support questions specific to this version are no longer supported on the Google Mobile Ads SDK developer forum. You will be asked to validate the issue in a supported version to receive full support. Sunset versions are no longer supported after the sunset date.

Lifecycle of a major SDK version

In general, a new major version will live in the supported state for about two years, and in a deprecation state for an additional year before moving to a sunset state.

The deprecation and sunset timelines for the Google Mobile Ads SDK revolve around major SDK releases. We plan to have one major version release in the first quarter of each year. The release of a new major version triggers changes in support for older major versions.

When a new major version N is released:

  • All SDK versions with major version N-2 are considered deprecated immediately.
  • All SDKs versions with major version N-3 will sunset after approximately two months.


This deprecation schedule provides a framework for predictable lifetimes for an SDK version. However, there may be exceptions in the future. This schedule does not preclude us from sunsetting an SDK version at an earlier date, but we are committed to providing proactive communication with ample lead time for any future changes.