GRIDMET: University of Idaho Gridded Surface Meteorological Dataset

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The Gridded Surface Meteorological dataset provides high spatial resolution (~4-km) daily surface fields of temperature, precipitation, winds, humidity and radiation across the contiguous United States from 1979. The dataset blends the high resolution spatial data from PRISM with the high temporal resolution data from the National Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS) to produce spatially and temporally continuous fields that lend themselves to additional land surface modeling.

This dataset contains provisional products that are replaced with updated versions when the complete source data become available. Products can be distinguished by the value of the 'status' property. At first, assets are ingested with status='early'. After several days, they are replaced by assets with status='provisional'. After about 2 months, they are replaced by the final assets with status='permanent'.


4638.3 meters


Name Units Min Max Description
pr mm, daily total 0* 690.44*

Precipitation amount

rmax % 1.05* 100*

Maximum relative humidity

rmin % 0* 100*

Minimum relative humidity

sph Mass fraction 0* 0.02*

Specific humididy

srad W/m^2 0* 455.61*

Surface downward shortwave radiation

th deg

Wind direction

tmmn K 225.54* 314.88*

Minimum temperature

tmmx K 233.08* 327.14*

Maximum temperature

vs m/s 0.14* 29.13*

Wind velocity at 10m

erc NFDRS fire danger index 0* 131.85*

Energy release component

eto mm 0* 17.27*

Daily grass reference evapotranspiration

bi NFDRS fire danger index 0* 214.2*

Burning index

fm100 % 0.28* 33.2*

100-hour dead fuel moisture

fm1000 % 0.36* 47.52*

1000-hour dead fuel moisture

etr mm 0* 27.02*

Daily alfalfa reference evapotranspiration

vpd kPa 0* 9.83*

Mean vapor pressure deficit

* estimated min or max value

Image Properties

Image Properties

Name Type Description
status STRING

'early', 'provisional', or 'permanent'

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This work (METDATA, by John Abatzoglou) is in the public domain and is free of known copyright restrictions. Users should properly cite the source used in the creation of any reports and publications resulting from the use of this dataset and note the date when the data was acquired.


  • Abatzoglou J. T., Development of gridded surface meteorological data for ecological applications and modelling, International Journal of Climatology. (2012) doi:10.1002/joc.3413

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var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('IDAHO_EPSCOR/GRIDMET')
                  .filter('2018-08-01', '2018-08-15'));
var maximumTemperature ='tmmx');
var maximumTemperatureVis = {
  min: 290.0,
  max: 314.0,
  palette: ['d8d8d8', '4addff', '5affa3', 'f2ff89', 'ff725c'],
Map.setCenter(-115.356, 38.686, 5);
Map.addLayer(maximumTemperature, maximumTemperatureVis, 'Maximum Temperature');
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