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Set up Google Payment API

Before you get started

Before you get started, review the following prerequisites:

Configure your project

If you don't already have Android Studio, download and install Android Studio.

Add dependencies

The Google Payment API is part of Google Play Services, so you only need to import the Google Play Services library to get everything you need. Or, you can choose the APIs you want to compile yourself.

To import the entire Google Play Services library, see Set Up Google Play Services.

If you prefer to selectively compile only the APIs you need, then open the build.gradle file in the app module and add the following to the dependencies block:

dependencies {
    compile ''
    compile ''
    compile ''

For current Google Payment API version information, see Setting Up Google Play Services. For current information about support libraries, see Support Library Setup.

Modify your Manifest

To enable Pay with Google in your app, you need to add the following Google Payment API meta-data to the <application> tag of your AndroidManifest.xml:

  <!-- Enables the Google Payment API -->
    android:value="true" />


Google Payment API