Get Started

The Content API for Shopping allows you to integrate your applications with Google Merchant Center, so that you can programmatically manage your products, inventory, orders, accounts, and more. Adding your product information to Merchant Center allows you to take advantage of the suite of Google for Retail solutions, including promoting your products with ad campaigns, and selling your products through Google Shopping Actions.

Client libraries

The recommended way to use the Content API is through the Google API client libraries, which are available for many popular programming languages. The client libraries simplify common API tasks, such as user authentication, sending requests, and parsing responses. For a list of all of the available client libraries, as well as code samples, see Samples and Libraries.

Initial setup

This guide covers the basic steps required to get started with the Content API and make your first API call:

  1. Setting up your Merchant Center account
  2. Setting up a client library
  3. Making an API call
  4. Exploring the Content API