Merchant configuration

This guide outlines how to configure Smart Tap for merchants and the terminals used at their physical locations.


Make sure you complete the following steps before you proceed:

Before continuing, you will need the following information:

  • The Issuer account ID for the specific merchant
  • The Redemption Issuer ID that will be enabled for Smart Tap
  • A pass class that has been configured for Smart Tap

Merchant configuration

The following steps outline merchant setup for Smart Tap:

  1. Request the public key and key version from the terminal provider. The terminal provider may request the Collector ID first. If so, complete the steps outlined in Issuer configuration to generate the Collector ID, then return to this page.
  2. Provide the Collector ID to the terminal provider.
  3. Provide the following information to the merchant:

    • The Redemption Issuer ID and the link to the Google Pay & Wallet Console
    • The Collector ID
  4. Inform the merchant that they should store the Redemption Issuer ID and Collector ID permanently. The merchant will need to provide their Redemption Issuer ID to any pass developer that needs their classes enabled for Smart Tap redemption.

Terminal configuration

Terminal providers are responsible for setting the following properties of any terminals used at merchant locations. These values are provided by the Redemption Issuer.

  • Collector ID
  • Key version
  • Private key

Once a terminal is set up for Smart Tap, a pass developer can enable more pass classes to be redeemed at the merchant's terminal. Additional terminal configuration is not required to add support for new pass classes.