Google Mobile Ads C++ API Reference



firebase::Future The Google Mobile Ads C++ SDK uses this class to return results from asynchronous operations.



firebase::gma::AdapterInitializationStatus An immutable snapshot of the GMA SDK’s initialization status, categorized by mediation adapter.
firebase::gma::AdapterResponseInfo Response information for an individual ad network contained within a ResponseInfo object.
firebase::gma::AdapterStatus A snapshot of a mediation adapter's initialization status.
firebase::gma::AdError Information about why an ad operation failed.
firebase::gma::AdInspectorClosedListener Listener to be invoked when the Ad Inspector has been closed.
firebase::gma::AdListener A listener for receiving notifications during the lifecycle of a BannerAd.
firebase::gma::AdRequest Contains targeting information used to fetch an ad.
firebase::gma::AdResult Information about the result of an ad operation.
firebase::gma::AdReward Describes a reward credited to a user for interacting with a RewardedAd.
firebase::gma::AdSize The size of a banner ad.
firebase::gma::AdValue The monetary value earned from an ad.
firebase::gma::AdView Loads and displays Google Mobile Ads AdView ads.
firebase::gma::AdViewBoundingBoxListener A listener class that developers can extend and pass to an AdView object's AdView::SetBoundingBoxListener method to be notified of changes to the size of the Ad's bounding box.
firebase::gma::FullScreenContentListener Listener to be invoked when ads show and dismiss full screen content, such as a fullscreen ad experience or an in-app browser.
firebase::gma::InterstitialAd Loads and displays Google Mobile Ads interstitial ads.
firebase::gma::PaidEventListener Listener to be invoked when ads have been estimated to earn money.
firebase::gma::ResponseInfo Information about an ad response.
firebase::gma::RewardedAd Loads and displays Google Mobile Ads rewarded ads.
firebase::gma::RewardedAd::ServerSideVerificationOptions Options for RewardedAd server-side verification callbacks.
firebase::gma::UserEarnedRewardListener Listener to be invoked when the user earned a reward.


firebase::gma::BoundingBox The screen location and dimensions of an AdView once it has been initialized.
firebase::gma::RequestConfiguration Global configuration that will be used for every AdRequest.