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What is Early Access?

Early Access is a program for new Apps Script features designed for G Suite Business customers.

While in Early Access, a feature may be updated to change its behavior, integration points, intents, and generally how it is used. Interested G Suite Business customers may apply for early access.

What features are currently in Early Access?

Currently the following features are in Early Access:

Feature Description
Flexible quotas Hard daily quotas are eliminated on popular Apps Script services. Instead, a flexible rate limit ensures reliability without hampering normal workloads.

When will Early Access features become generally available?

There is no guarantee that a feature in Early Access will ever become generally available. It may remain an Early Access feature indefinitely, be shutdown, or be combined with other features into packages designed for specific developer audiences. Some Early Access features may eventually become generally available, but there is no fixed schedule for this.

How can I join the Early Access program?

We are not currently accepting new applicants to the Early Access program.