New editor

In the new Apps Script integrated development environment, or IDE, versions are automatically created when you create new deployments. To learn more about creating deployments and versions in the new IDE, see Create and manage deployments.

Legacy editor

A version is a static copy of a script. Once a version is saved, it can no longer be modified, only deleted. This feature is used when you are working on a script that goes through many changes and iterations. Versions allow you to keep track of your changes. Furthermore, creating versions is required when you are writing a library. For more information, see Libraries.

Create a version

Open the script that you are working on and follow the steps below to save a version of it:

  1. Select File > Manage Versions...
  2. Provide a description for the version and then click Save New Version to save the current script as a new version.
  3. Once the version is saved, it shows up at the top of the list of versions right below the description box.

Delete a version

  1. Select File > Manage Versions...
  2. Click X to the right of a version to permanently delete it.