Languages and locales

Actions that you write for the Google Assistant are supported in the following languages with the corresponding locales. By default, your Action:

  • Supports all regions (countries), as long as your users have set their Assistant locale to one of our supported locales.

  • Uses a TTS voice that corresponds to the user's Assistant locale. You can override this behavior and choose a specific TTS voice that doesn't change based on the user's Assistant locale.

Migrate to high-quality voices

Starting March 4, 2019 the Actions on Google platform will support higher quality Wavenet voices for a subset of languages and locales. These voices are rated with a mean opinion score (MOS) of greater than 3.6, thus providing listeners with higher voice fidelity.

We automatically apply updated voices if they are available for the voice option used in your project.

If there's no updated voice for the voice option currently set in your Action, you can switch the voice option by going to Develop > Invocation in the Actions console.

For example, we provide only one updated voice (Female 1) for Italian. If you set Female 1 in your project, we automatically change the voice to Wavenet. If you currently have Male 1, Male 2, or Female 2 set in your project, you need to switch the voice option to Female 1 to get an updated voice.

Languages and locales