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For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

  "kind": "adexchangebuyer#publisherProfileApiProto",
  "publisherProfileId": string,
  "seller": {
    "accountId": string,
    "subAccountId": string
  "profileId": integer,
  "name": string,
  "isParent": boolean,
  "publisherDomains": [
  "isPublished": boolean,
  "logoUrl": string,
  "state": string,
  "directContact": string,
  "programmaticContact": string,
  "mediaKitLink": string,
  "samplePageLink": string,
  "rateCardInfoLink": string,
  "googlePlusLink": string,
  "overview": string,
  "buyerPitchStatement": string,
  "topHeadlines": [
  "audience": string,
  "publisherProvidedForecast": {
    "weeklyImpressions": long,
    "weeklyUniques": long,
    "dimensions": [
        "dimensionType": string,
        "dimensionValues": [
            "id": integer,
            "name": string,
            "percentage": integer
  "exchange": string
Property name Value Description Notes
audience string Publisher provided info on its audience.
buyerPitchStatement string A pitch statement for the buyer
directContact string Direct contact for the publisher profile.
exchange string Exchange where this publisher profile is from. E.g. AdX, Rubicon etc...

Acceptable values are:
  • "adx"
  • "dfp"
  • "marketMaker"
  • "rubicon"
  • "unknownInventorySource"
isParent boolean True, if this is the parent profile, which represents all domains owned by the publisher.
isPublished boolean True, if this profile is published. Deprecated for state.
kind string Identifies what kind of resource this is. Value: the fixed string "adexchangebuyer#publisherProfileApiProto".
logoUrl string The url to the logo for the publisher.
name string
overview string Publisher provided overview.
profileId integer The pair of (seller.account_id, profile_id) uniquely identifies a publisher profile for a given publisher.
programmaticContact string Programmatic contact for the publisher profile.
publisherDomains[] list The list of domains represented in this publisher profile. Empty if this is a parent profile.
publisherProfileId string Unique Id for publisher profile.
publisherProvidedForecast nested object Publisher provided forecasting information.
publisherProvidedForecast.dimensions[] list Publisher provided dimensions. E.g. geo, sizes etc...
publisherProvidedForecast.dimensions[].dimensionType string

Acceptable values are:
  • "age"
  • "contentVertical"
  • "country"
  • "device"
  • "dimensionTypeUnspecified"
  • "domainName"
  • "gender"
  • "householdIncome"
  • "inventorySize"
  • "parentalStatus"
  • "platformType"
  • "publisherGeo"
  • "requestFormat"
  • "rubiconHouseholdIncome"
  • "videoAdStartPosition"
  • "videoDuration"
  • "videoIsVpaid"
  • "videoPlacement"
  • "videoRatingTier"
  • "videoSkippableDuration"
  • "videoTechnology"
publisherProvidedForecast.dimensions[].dimensionValues[] list
publisherProvidedForecast.dimensions[].dimensionValues[].id integer Id of the dimension.
publisherProvidedForecast.dimensions[].dimensionValues[].name string Name of the dimension mainly for debugging purposes, except for the case of CREATIVE_SIZE. For CREATIVE_SIZE, strings are used instead of ids.
publisherProvidedForecast.dimensions[].dimensionValues[].percentage integer Percent of total impressions for a dimension type. e.g. {dimension_type: 'GENDER', [{dimension_value: {id: 1, name: 'MALE', percentage: 60}}]} Gender MALE is 60% of all impressions which have gender.
publisherProvidedForecast.weeklyImpressions long Publisher provided weekly impressions.
publisherProvidedForecast.weeklyUniques long Publisher provided weekly uniques.
seller nested object Seller of the publisher profile.
seller.accountId string The unique id for the seller. The seller fills in this field. The seller account id is then available to buyer in the product.
seller.subAccountId string Optional sub-account id for the seller.
state string State of the publisher profile.

Acceptable values are:
  • "published"
  • "publisherProfileStateUnspecified"
  • "unpublished"
topHeadlines[] list Publisher provided key metrics and rankings.


Gets the requested publisher profile(s) by publisher accountId.