Authorized Buyers provides the Snippet status report to get information on whether a creative has been approved and helps debug serving problems.

The Snippet Status Report contains the approval status of your creatives, as well as the sensitive and product categorization that Authorized Buyers automatically detects. There are two versions of this report: a human readable text format and a binary protocol buffer format. You can use this report to determine whether a creative has been approved, and to help debug serving problems. Both versions of the report are provided through Google Cloud Storage.

This report is available through HTTP. The payload of the HTTP response is gzip-compressed according to RFC 1952. To extract the file from the command line, run gzip -d <filename>. To extract the file programmatically, you can use zlib, or a similar compression library, that supports the gzip format. The result is either a text file or a serialized protocol buffer, depending on the report version you download. The protocol buffer version's encoding is similar to the payload of the POST request in a BidRequest, and can be parsed using the following snippet.

string compressed = /* the payload from the GET request */;
string uncompressed = gunzip(compressed);
SnippetStatusReport snippet_report;
if (snippet_report.ParseFromString(uncompressed)) {
  // Process the snippet report.

The Snippet Status Report also lists the top reasons why a creative is filtered. For more details, see the comments of the SnippetFiltering message in the snippet-status-report.proto file.

The protocol buffer definition for SnippetStatusReport is available on the reference data page.

Each entry in the snippet status report contains a buyer_creative_id that you have set in your bid response. You can use this field to correlate snippet status information with your creatives. Each snippet will have a status of NOT_CHECKED, APPROVED or DISAPPROVED. If Authorized Buyers has classified the creative, the snippet status item will have the product and sensitive categories we have associated with the creative, as well as an advertiser id if one is available.

Contact your technical account manager to enable this feature for your account.

You can use the Snippet Status Report Generator to generate Snippet Status Reports.