Cast SDK App Privacy Details for the Apple App Store

Google is committed to helping our customers create great iOS 14 apps for end users. You may have read Apple's announcement regarding the App Store's new requirement for iOS 14 app developers to provide App Privacy Details. Apple has now released more details and the questionnaire itself. We’re invested in this together. We will be sharing information on whether and how our SDK handles end users' data, including any applicable settings or configurations you can control as the app developer. While we will aim to be as transparent as possible in supporting you, we won't be able to speak for you, and you will ultimately be responsible for deciding how to respond to Apple's questionnaire and whether to show end users any permissions or prompts described by Apple.

Starting with Cast iOS SDK version 4.6.0, privacy details for a specific version of the SDK can be found in GoogleCastSDK-ios-version_framework/NutritionLabel/NutritionLabel.txt inside the Cast SDK framework. As privacy details may change from version to version, be sure to check this file for the version you're building with.