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Use this page to submit your Google Visualization API application to the Google Visualization API gallery.

Before you submit the link to your files, be sure to have the following information handy to fill in the required fields below:

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We may add to our directory any application that meets our program policy. Our goal is to fill the directory with high quality applications that are useful and fun for users. While we won't be able to include everything that's submitted, we want to include as many as possible in the directory.

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We require that you send us a link to detailed documentation page on how to use your application. You need to include at least the following set of information items:

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  • Loading your visualization.
  • Expected data formats and types.
  • Configuration options.
  • Methods.
  • Events.
  • Data Policy.
  • Localized languages supported (if any)
Refer to one of the Google visualizations to see how to format a good documentation page, or use this template.

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