The Google Glass Explorer Edition SDK is deprecated. This documentation is no longer being maintained. If you're interested in developing Glass solutions for enterprise clients, visit the Google Glass Enterprise Edition developer documentation.


Added in API level XE22

A slider that animates from left to right during the given grace period in timeInMs and then dismisses itself after running the appropriate callback. Remains visible until grace period runs out or is cancelled.

Sample usage:

 GracePeriod slider = Slider.from(view).startGracePeriod(listener);
    // animates for timeInMs milliseconds and then dismisses itself,
    // unless slider.cancel() is called in the meanwhile

Nested Classes
interface Slider.GracePeriod.Listener Listener call-backs. 
Public Methods
abstract void

Public Methods

Added in API level XE22

public abstract void cancel ()

Cancels grace period. If called during the grace period, dismisses the grace period. Does nothing if grace period already completed normally.