Added in API level XE12

Contains classes for Glass-themed UI widgets.


Slider.Determinate A determinate slider that tracks a position from left to right. 
Slider.GracePeriod A slider that animates from left to right during the given grace period in timeInMs and then dismisses itself after running the appropriate callback. 
Slider.GracePeriod.Listener Listener call-backs. 
Slider.Indeterminate An indeterminate slider that animates continuously to indicate ongoing but otherwise unknown progress. 
Slider.Scroller A scroll slider that indicates the current position within a fixed-size collection. 


CardBuilder The CardBuilder class helps with building Glass-themed cards with various layouts. 
CardScrollAdapter A special form of a BaseAdapter
CardScrollView A View that shows horizontally scrolling children views, referred to as cards. 
Slider A Slider from which slider appearances can be drawn: Slider.Scroller, Slider.Determinate, Slider.Indeterminate, and Slider.GracePeriod


CardBuilder.Layout Defines the visual layouts for cards. 
CardScrollView.Animation Defines animation type used to navigate to, insert, or delete a card.